Avon Descent
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4 Aug 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
17M2 Technology 007 00:40:5310hp Sports1Mixed158.7 km/h
2166Mr & Mrs W 00:43:0110hp Sports2Mixed255.8 km/h
3100Even/Gardner 00:43:1610hp Sports3Mixed355.5 km/h
4190190 Racing Team 00:43:5710hp Sports4Mixed454.6 km/h
5172Coulson Legal 00:44:1410hp Standard1Mixed554.3 km/h
6244Topline Racing 00:44:1710hp Super Standard1Mixed654.2 km/h
76Chris & Rob 00:44:4710hp Sports5Mixed753.6 km/h
8167Custom Racing 00:45:2210hp Sports6Mixed852.9 km/h
9185Dcr Contracting 00:45:4910hp Sports7Mixed952.4 km/h
10105Rottnest Express Racing 00:47:3310hp Super Standard2Mixed1050.5 km/h
11262262 Racing Team 00:47:4610hp Standard2Mixed1150.2 km/h
12144144 Racing 00:47:5810hp Sports8Mixed1250.0 km/h
13188Mad Racing 00:48:0210hp Sports9Mixed1350.0 km/h
14158Gottago Racing 00:48:1410hp Super Standard3Mixed1449.8 km/h
15174Skin Off Racing 00:49:3410hp Super Standard4Mixed1548.4 km/h
16176Redacted Racing 00:50:0610hp Super Standard5Mixed1647.9 km/h
1792Gentronics/Shine Racing 00:50:4010hp Sports10Mixed1747.4 km/h
18155Ropey Racing 00:51:0010hp Super Standard6Mixed1847.1 km/h
1929Heath/Altinier 00:52:0510hp Standard3Mixed1946.1 km/h
2018018 Racing 00:54:0310hp Standard4Mixed2044.4 km/h
21193Insane Racing 00:54:5510hp Super Standard7Mixed2143.7 km/h
22139Tregurtha/Johnson 00:54:5810hp Super Standard8Mixed2243.7 km/h
2373Keepsafe Storage Racing 00:54:5810hp Standard5Mixed2343.7 km/h
2423Toll Priority 00:55:2310hp Super Standard9Mixed2443.3 km/h
2528Brent & Kerry 00:55:2510hp Super Standard10Mixed2543.3 km/h
2640Teco Racing 00:55:5110hp Standard6Mixed2643.0 km/h
27140Hazard Motorsports 00:56:1510hp Standard7Mixed2742.7 km/h
2893Original Sin 00:57:3110hp Standard8Mixed2841.7 km/h
2959Brown/Odea 00:57:5710hp Super Standard11Mixed2941.4 km/h
30164164 GLW Racing Team 00:58:1810hp Super Standard12Mixed3041.2 km/h
313Aquila Mining /Stratco 00:59:1510hp Standard9Mixed3140.5 km/h
32113Beaman/Barden 01:00:2010hp Sports11Mixed3239.8 km/h
33208Avon River Racing Team 01:04:0310hp Standard10Mixed3337.5 km/h
3470Fat Buoy Slim Racing 01:04:2710hp Standard11Mixed3437.2 km/h
35274Raw Hire 01:09:5810hp Standard12Mixed3534.3 km/h
36134134 Racing 01:14:4210hp Standard13Mixed3632.1 km/h
3749Fenn/Fenn 01:15:1110hp Standard14Mixed3731.9 km/h
38187Spencer/Clark 01:16:5110hp Sports12Mixed3831.2 km/h
39156Mciver Racing 156 01:18:3710hp Super Standard13Mixed3930.5 km/h
4091Westcoast Livestock York 01:22:4610hp Sports13Mixed4029.0 km/h
41184J Mac Boys 01:32:1510hp Standard15Mixed4126.0 km/h
79Kenworthy/Jessup DNS10hp StandardMixed 
98Rookie Racing DNS10hp StandardMixed 
109Tuna Canoes DNS10hp StandardMixed 
142142 racing DNS10hp SportsMixed 
165Gentronics/Onegas DNS10hp Super StandardMixed 
200Jackson Asphalt DNS10hp SportsMixed 
207Ricochet Racing DNS10hp StandardMixed 
226Aquaholics DNS10hp StandardMixed 
159Avon River Racing Team QRY10hp SportsMixed 
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