Avon Descent
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4 Aug 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1167Custom Racing 12:45:5210hp Sports1Mixed1 3.1 km/h
2144144 Racing 12:47:5810hp Sports2Mixed2 3.1 km/h
3Aquila Mining /Stratco  10hp StandardMixed 
6Chris & Rob  10hp SportsMixed 
7M2 Technology 007  10hp SportsMixed 
18018 Racing  10hp StandardMixed 
23Toll Priority  10hp Super StandardMixed 
28Brent & Kerry  10hp Super StandardMixed 
29Heath/Altinier  10hp StandardMixed 
40Teco Racing  10hp StandardMixed 
49Fenn/Fenn  10hp StandardMixed 
59Brown/Odea  10hp Super StandardMixed 
70Fat Buoy Slim Racing  10hp StandardMixed 
73Keepsafe Storage Racing  10hp StandardMixed 
91Westcoast Livestock York  10hp SportsMixed 
92Gentronics/Shine Racing  10hp SportsMixed 
93Original Sin  10hp StandardMixed 
100Even/Gardner  10hp SportsMixed 
105Rottnest Express Racing  10hp Super StandardMixed 
113Beaman/Barden  10hp SportsMixed 
134134 Racing  10hp StandardMixed 
139Tregurtha/Johnson  10hp Super StandardMixed 
140Hazard Motorsports  10hp StandardMixed 
155Ropey Racing  10hp Super StandardMixed 
156Mciver Racing 156  10hp Super StandardMixed 
158Gottago Racing  10hp Super StandardMixed 
164164 GLW Racing Team  10hp Super StandardMixed 
166Mr & Mrs W  10hp SportsMixed 
172Coulson Legal  10hp StandardMixed 
174Skin Off Racing  10hp Super StandardMixed 
176Redacted Racing  10hp Super StandardMixed 
184J Mac Boys  10hp StandardMixed 
185Dcr Contracting  10hp SportsMixed 
187Spencer/Clark  10hp SportsMixed 
188Mad Racing  10hp SportsMixed 
190190 Racing Team  10hp SportsMixed 
193Insane Racing  10hp Super StandardMixed 
208Avon River Racing Team  10hp StandardMixed 
244Topline Racing  10hp Super StandardMixed 
262262 Racing Team  10hp StandardMixed 
274Raw Hire  10hp StandardMixed 
79Kenworthy/Jessup DNS10hp StandardMixed 
98Rookie Racing DNS10hp StandardMixed 
109Tuna Canoes DNS10hp StandardMixed 
142142 racing DNS10hp SportsMixed 
165Gentronics/Onegas DNS10hp Super StandardMixed 
200Jackson Asphalt DNS10hp SportsMixed 
207Ricochet Racing DNS10hp StandardMixed 
226Aquaholics DNS10hp StandardMixed 
159Avon River Racing Team QRY10hp SportsMixed 
Page 1 of 1 (50 items)