Sand Tracks Christmas Classic Paddle
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10 Dec 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
14Reece BAKER00:53:16.1Molokai1Male1Trigg Island SLSCAU 4:35 min/km
228Dan HUMBLE00:53:51.2Spec1Male2Trigg Island SLSCAU 4:38 min/km
348Jesse PHILLIPS00:53:55.1Spec2Male3North Cottesloe SLSCAU 4:38 min/km
440Josh MAURICE00:53:59.2Spec3Male4CITY OF PERTHAU 4:39 min/km
521Brendan DOWNES00:54:18.9Spec4Male5North Cottesloe SLSCAU 4:40 min/km
625Peter HINDS00:56:26.7Molokai2Male6Indian Ocean PaddlersAU 4:51 min/km
7124Rowan Caven00:57:13.1Molokai3Male7 AU 4:55 min/km
847Daniel PETERS00:57:37.7Spec5Male8North Cottesloe SLSCAU 4:58 min/km
954Stuart RESIDE00:57:49.6Molokai4Male9North Cottesloe SLSCAU 4:59 min/km
1050Kris PLAIN00:57:51.1Molokai5Male10 AU 4:59 min/km
1191Lewin / Vaisey 00:57:55.9Double Craft1Mixed1Trigg Island SLSCAU 4:59 min/km
1234John LISHMAN00:57:56.9Spec6Male11North Cottesloe SLSCAU 4:59 min/km
1390Knowles / Knowles 00:58:08.3Double Craft2Mixed2North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:00 min/km
145Dean BEAMENT00:58:22.9Molokai6Male12Indian Ocean PaddlersAU 5:01 min/km
1542Fergus MORGAN00:58:25.9Molokai7Male13Trigg Island SLSCAU 5:02 min/km
1641Samuel MAURICE00:58:27.5Spec7Male14CITY OF PERTHAU 5:02 min/km
1760Matt ROWETT00:58:50.2Spec8Male15North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:04 min/km
1893Mckenzie / Martin 00:59:00.2Double Craft3Mixed3North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:05 min/km
1932William LEE00:59:15.0Molokai8Male16Indian Ocean PaddlersAU 5:06 min/km
208Michael BINGEMANN00:59:17.9Spec9Male17North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:06 min/km
21122Josh Lynn00:59:59.3Spec10Male18 AU 5:10 min/km
2258Alex ROVIRA00:59:59.4Spec11Male19North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:10 min/km
2374Todd VLADICH01:00:07.7Molokai9Male20Indian Ocean PaddlersAU 5:11 min/km
2431Tash LEAVERSUCH01:00:39.5Molokai1Female1COTTESLOEAU 5:13 min/km
25120David Porzig01:01:06.3Molokai10Male21 AU 5:16 min/km
2673John VERITY01:01:19.0Molokai11Male22 AU 5:17 min/km
2765Dylan SPIBY01:01:48.0Spec12Male23Trigg Island SLSCAU 5:19 min/km
2835Chris LITTLE01:02:25.6Molokai12Male24Indian Ocean PaddlersAU 5:22 min/km
297Nat BENJANUVATRA01:02:38.4Spec13Male25North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:24 min/km
3077Bruce WELLS01:02:38.9Molokai13Male26North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:24 min/km
3143Alana NICHOLLS01:02:42.4Spec1Female2Trigg Island SLSCAU 5:24 min/km
3285Ric YEATES01:03:21.5Molokai14Male27Indian Ocean PaddlersAU 5:27 min/km
3338Robert MACQUEEN01:04:22.3Spec14Male28Indian Ocean PaddlersAU 5:32 min/km
3470Stuart TENNANT01:04:22.6Molokai15Male29Indian Ocean PaddlersAU 5:32 min/km
353Lachlan ANDREW01:04:36.3Molokai16Male30North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:34 min/km
3646Zac PEARSON01:04:53.3Spec15Male31North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:35 min/km
3744Tim NORRISH01:05:17.0Molokai17Male32 AU 5:37 min/km
3829Mark Titch KERSHAW01:05:17.3Molokai18Male33 AU 5:37 min/km
3956Jess REYNOLDS01:05:26.7Molokai2Female3North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:38 min/km
4026Peter HOLLIDAY01:05:53.1Spec16Male34North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:40 min/km
4198Tilley / Lang 01:05:57.7Double Craft4Mixed4North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:41 min/km
4237James MACKIE01:06:03.3Molokai19Male35North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:41 min/km
4386Ford / Boffey 01:06:09.0Double Craft5Mixed5North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:42 min/km
4497Tietzel / Nitschke 01:06:11.2Double Craft6Mixed6North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:42 min/km
45121Aya Okano01:06:17.2Molokai3Female4 AU 5:42 min/km
4611Amanda BOWMAN01:06:23.4Spec2Female5Sorrento SLSCAU 5:43 min/km
4716John CONTESSI01:06:42.9Molokai20Male36CITY OF PERTHAU 5:45 min/km
4887Ford / Robinson 01:06:59.3Double Craft7Mixed7Dolls HouseLCH 5:46 min/km
4996Shellabear / Walter 01:07:03.3Double Craft8Mixed8North Cottesloe SLSCAU 5:46 min/km
5017Jose COSTA01:07:12.0Molokai21Male37Sorrento SLSCAU 5:47 min/km
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