The Doctor Ocean Paddle
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26 November 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1226Hank MCGREGOR01:52:01.5Ski Open1Male1  Ocean SkiOpen4:08 min/kmWave 3
2176Cory HILL01:52:59.6Ski Open2Male2  Ocean SkiOpen4:11 min/kmWave 3
3331PORTER/KENNY 01:53:39.1Double Male1Male3Jamo PorterJett KennyDoubleMale Double Team4:12 min/kmWave 3
472Mark ANDERSON01:53:41.2Ski Open3Male4  Ocean SkiOpen4:12 min/kmWave 3
5347David MOCKE01:54:02.4Ski Open4Male5    4:13 min/kmWave 3
6233Jasper MOCKE01:54:34.8Ski Open5Male6  Ocean SkiOpen4:14 min/kmWave 3
7184Mackenzie HYNARD01:54:45.7Ski Open6Male7  Ocean SkiOpen4:15 min/kmWave 3
8202Austin KIEFFER01:54:52.7Ski Open7Male8  Ocean SkiOpen4:15 min/kmWave 3
9259Kenny RICE01:55:01.0Ski Open8Male9  Ocean SkiOpen4:15 min/kmWave 3
10328PADDLE OF A LIFETIME 01:55:11.5Double Male2Male10Clint RobinsonRhys BurrowsDoubleMale Double Team4:15 min/kmWave 3
11306Kenny WALLACE01:56:28.0Ski Open9Male11  Ocean SkiOpen4:18 min/kmWave 3
12257Brendan RICE01:56:36.4Ski Open10Male12  Ocean SkiOpen4:19 min/kmWave 3
13162David GRAHAM01:56:51.5Ski Open11Male13  Ocean SkiOpen4:19 min/kmWave 3
14273Tom SCHILPEROORT01:58:06.2Ski Open12Male14  Ocean SkiOpen4:22 min/kmWave 3
15334Tommy WOODRIFF01:58:28.6Ski Over 401Male15    4:23 min/kmWave 3
16192Luke JONES01:58:38.6Ski Open13Male16  Ocean SkiOpen4:23 min/kmWave 3
17190Oscar JONES01:59:05.4Ski Under 191Male17  Ocean SkiUnder 194:24 min/kmWave 3
18135Michael DOBLER01:59:10.7Ski Over 402Male18  Ocean SkiOver 404:24 min/kmWave 3
19370Dean GARDINER01:59:30.0Ski Over 501Male19  Ocean SkiOver 504:25 min/kmWave 3
2071Tim ALTMAN01:59:35.2Ski Over 403Male20  Ocean SkiOver 404:25 min/kmWave 3
21271Daniel SANCHEZ VILORIA01:59:40.4Ski Open14Male21  Ocean SkiOpen4:25 min/kmWave 3
22141Wayne DUNBAR02:00:03.9Ski Open15Male22  Ocean SkiOpen4:26 min/kmWave 3
23304Jim WALKER02:00:24.3Ski Over 404Male23  Ocean SkiOver 404:27 min/kmWave 3
24149Travis ENGLAND02:00:33.0Ski Open16Male24  Ocean SkiOpen4:27 min/kmWave 3
25220Simon LONGDILL02:00:48.4Ski Open17Male25  Ocean SkiOpen4:28 min/kmWave 3
2677Dean BEAMENT02:00:52.0Ski Over 405Male26  Ocean SkiOver 404:28 min/kmWave 3
27332Leaversuch 02:01:10.5Double Mixed & Female1Female1Peter LeaversuchTash LeaversuchDoubleMixed and Female Double Teams4:29 min/kmWave 3
28166Brad HAGAN02:01:26.4Ski Open18Male27  Ocean SkiOpen4:29 min/kmWave 3
29161Luke GOSLING02:01:48.4Ski Open19Male28  Ocean SkiOpen4:30 min/kmWave 3
30297Kristopher TAYLOR02:01:49.4Ski Open20Male29  Ocean SkiOpen4:30 min/kmWave 3
31239Fergus MORGAN02:02:15.6Ski Under 192Male30  Ocean SkiUnder 194:31 min/kmWave 3
32153Tim FITZSIMMONS02:02:23.5Ski Over 406Male31  Ocean SkiOver 404:31 min/kmWave 3
33238Mackenzie MORGAN02:02:33.5Ski Open21Male32  Ocean SkiOpen4:32 min/kmWave 3
3475Shaun AUSTIN02:02:41.7Ski Open22Male33  Ocean SkiOpen4:32 min/kmWave 3
35124Steve COULTER02:02:56.5Ski Over 502Male34  Ocean SkiOver 504:33 min/kmWave 3
36351Water Tiget 02:03:06.6Double Mixed & Female2Female2Asa NowellBrett Cassidy  4:33 min/kmWave 3
37232Mike MILLS-THOM02:03:09.4Ski Over 503Male35  Ocean SkiOver 504:33 min/kmWave 3
38181Dan HUMBLE02:03:14.2Ski Open23Male36  Ocean SkiOpen4:33 min/kmWave 3
3978Jamie BEAVIS02:03:53.5Ski Over 407Male37  Ocean SkiOver 404:35 min/kmWave 3
40245Ryan PAROZ02:03:55.1Ski Open24Male38  Ocean SkiOpen4:35 min/kmWave 3
41218Greg LONG02:04:01.9Ski Over 408Male39  Ocean SkiOver 404:35 min/kmWave 3
42266Andrew ROY02:04:08.4Ski Open25Male40  Ocean SkiOpen4:35 min/kmWave 3
43221Andrew LOVE02:04:12.9Ski Over 409Male41  Ocean SkiOver 404:36 min/kmWave 3
44128Matt DALZIEL02:04:28.1Ski Over 4010Male42  Ocean SkiOver 404:36 min/kmWave 3
45205Josh KIPPIN02:04:45.6Ski Open26Male43  Ocean SkiOpen4:37 min/kmWave 3
46183Adrian HYBNER02:04:56.0Ski Over 4011Male44  Ocean SkiOver 404:37 min/kmWave 3
47258Shaun RICE02:05:34.1Ski Over 504Male45  Ocean SkiOver 504:39 min/kmWave 3
48323ZSS PADDLING EQUIPMENT 02:05:38.9Double Mixed & Female3Female3Amanda BowmanJohn WilkieDoubleMixed and Female Double Teams4:39 min/kmWave 3
49167Patrick HARRIS02:05:41.2SLSA Ski1Male46  SLSA Ski 4:39 min/kmWave 3
50125David COWARD02:05:46.5Ski Over 4012Male47  Ocean SkiOver 404:39 min/kmWave 3
Page 1 of 7 (349 items)