The Doctor Ocean Paddle
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28 Nov 2015
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1320DOCTOR EPIC 01:33:40.10Double Male1Male1Clint RobinsonDavid Rhodes3:28 min/km
2133Cory HILL01:35:43.50Ski Open1Male2Cory Hill 3:32 min/km
3113Jasper MOCKE01:36:00.80Ski Open2Male3Jasper Mocke 3:33 min/km
4117Dawid MOCKE01:36:11.10Ski Open3Male4Dawid Mocke 3:33 min/km
5132Michael BOOTH01:37:41.60Ski Open4Male5Michael Booth 3:37 min/km
6146Reece BAKER01:38:04.50Ski Open5Male6Reece Baker 3:37 min/km
7129Sam NORTON01:39:04.80Ski Open6Male7Sam Norton 3:40 min/km
8135Tom NORTON01:39:08.70Ski Open7Male8Tom Norton 3:40 min/km
994Mark ANDERSON01:39:20.40Ski Open8Male9Mark Anderson 3:40 min/km
10153Mackenzie HYNARD01:39:28.20Ski Open9Male10Mackenzie Hynard 3:41 min/km
1196David GRAHAM01:39:29.30Ski Open10Male11David Graham 3:41 min/km
12123Hiromana FLORES01:40:27.10Ski Open11Male12Hiromana Flores 3:43 min/km
13340Michael BAKER01:40:37.80Ski Open12Male13  3:43 min/km
14290Dean GARDINER01:40:47.90Ski Over 501Male14Dean Gardiner 3:43 min/km
15152Drake ROBSON01:40:56.00Ski Open13Male15Drake Robson 3:44 min/km
1695Brendan RICE01:41:14.80Ski Open14Male16Brendan Rice 3:44 min/km
17164Mike MURRAY01:41:18.60Ski Over 401Male17Mike Murray 3:45 min/km
18142Daniel BOOTH01:42:09.40Ski Open15Male18Daniel Booth 3:47 min/km
19141Sam DJODAN01:42:23.30Ski Open16Male19Sam Djodan 3:47 min/km
20110Greg TOBIN01:42:34.00Ski Open17Male20Greg Tobin 3:47 min/km
2171Joey HALL01:43:04.20Ski Under 201Male21Joey Hall 3:49 min/km
2281Luke OGAREY01:43:10.80Ski Open18Male22Luke Ogarey 3:49 min/km
23102Travis ENGLAND01:43:34.10Ski Open19Male23Travis England 3:50 min/km
24198Jamie BEAVIS01:44:44.00Ski Over 402Male24Jamie Beavis 3:52 min/km
25203Dean BEAMENT01:45:27.10Ski Over 403Male25Dean Beament 3:54 min/km
26107Dan HUMBLE01:45:28.40Ski Open20Male26Dan Humble 3:54 min/km
27226Tim BIRD01:45:30.10Ski Over 404Male27Tim Bird 3:54 min/km
28134Willbur BIRD01:45:40.10Ski Open21Male28Willbur Bird 3:54 min/km
29265Nicholas TAYLOR01:47:01.20Ski Over 502Male29Nicholas Taylor 3:57 min/km
30144Benjamin HILL01:47:39.60Ski Open22Male30Benjamin Hill 3:59 min/km
31165Greg LONG01:47:48.50Ski Over 405Male31Greg Long 3:59 min/km
32204Peter LEAVERSUCH01:47:54.30Ski Over 406Male32Peter Leaversuch 3:59 min/km
3393Stuart RESIDE01:47:58.50Ski Open23Male33Stuart Reside 3:59 min/km
34101Ryan PAROZ01:48:04.00Ski Open24Male34Ryan Paroz 4:00 min/km
35143Oliver BURN01:48:05.90Ski Open25Male35Oliver Burn 4:00 min/km
36173Michael DOBLER01:48:08.20Ski Over 407Male36Michael Dobler 4:00 min/km
37294Mike MILLSTHOM01:48:21.70Ski Over 503Male37Mike Millsthom 4:00 min/km
38116Patrick HARRIS01:49:03.60Ski Open26Male38Patrick Harris 4:02 min/km
39157Justin FARRELLY01:49:30.30Ski Over 408Male39Justin Farrelly 4:03 min/km
4073Fergus MORGAN01:49:34.70Ski Under 202Male40Fergus Morgan 4:03 min/km
41319TEAM VIVA 01:49:38.20Double Male2Male41Gary ButlionJoel Drummond4:03 min/km
42137James DUNCAN01:50:15.10Ski Open27Male42James Duncan 4:05 min/km
43108Sam MAYHEW01:50:56.10Ski Open28Male43Sam Mayhew 4:06 min/km
44200Tim FITZSIMMONS01:51:01.40Ski Over 409Male44Tim Fitzsimmons 4:06 min/km
45169Danny TOPFER01:51:25.50Ski Over 4010Male45Danny Topfer 4:07 min/km
46112Brad HAGAN01:51:39.80Ski Open29Male46Brad Hagan 4:08 min/km
47267Shaun RICE01:51:52.60Ski Over 504Male47Shaun Rice 4:08 min/km
48191Steve DALTON01:52:01.80Ski Over 4011Male48Steve Dalton 4:08 min/km
49109Andrew MOWLEM01:52:36.30Ski Open30Male49Andrew Mowlem 4:10 min/km
50151Josh KIPPIN01:53:03.50Ski Open31Male50Josh Kippin 4:11 min/km
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