Tour de Perth 2015
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26 Mar 2015
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Race No
Group Time
Time Adj
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
125Paul Van Der Ploeg00:01:23.96Finished Open1Male1Charter Mason Giant RacingAUS 51.5 km/h
272Angus Tobin00:01:24.62Finished Cycling TeamAUS 51.1 km/h
3101Cameron Ivory00:01:25.71Finished Open3Male3GPM StultzAUS 50.4 km/h
4127Daniel Barry00:01:26.15Finished Open4Male4Team BudgetForkliftsNZL 50.1 km/h
54Cameron Karwowski00:01:26.26Finished Open5Male5Avanti RacingNZL 50.1 km/h
6125Samuel Witmitz00:01:26.29Finished Open6Male6Team BudgetForkliftsAUS 50.1 km/h
7117Darcy Pirotta00:01:26.68Finished Open7Male7Navitas Satalyst Racing TeamAUS 49.8 km/h
8134Brad Evans00:01:26.83Finished Open8Male8Pat's Veg CyclingNZL 49.8 km/h
985Rohan Wight00:01:27.25Finished Open9Male9SASI / Callidus Cycling TeamAUS 49.5 km/h
1021Raph Freienstein00:01:27.42Finished Open10Male10Charter Mason Giant RacingGER 49.4 km/h
1171Alder Martz00:01:27.58Finished Cycling TeamUSA 49.3 km/h
1232Michael Schweizer00:01:27.65Finished Open12Male12African Wildlife Safaris Cycling TeamGER 49.3 km/h
13102Craig Hutton00:01:27.79Finished Open13Male13GPM StultzAUS 49.2 km/h
14116Sam Welsford00:01:27.84Finished Open14Male14Navitas Satalyst Racing TeamAUS 49.2 km/h
1594Guy Kalma00:01:27.87Finished Open15Male15Otoc VaultAUS 49.2 km/h
16151Jayson Valade00:01:27.92Finished Open16Male16Nanshin Subaru Neilpryde Cycling Team  49.1 km/h
1744Alex Nazarewicz00:01:28.10Finished Open17Male17Mobius Future RacingAUS 49.0 km/h
1895Michael Storer00:01:28.15Finished Open18Male18Otoc VaultAUS 49.0 km/h
19162Roman Van Uden00:01:28.22Finished Open19Male19CCN Cycling Team  49.0 km/h
20152Bruno Guezet00:01:28.23Finished Open20Male20Nanshin Subaru Neilpryde Cycling Team  49.0 km/h
2111Dane Crawford00:01:28.37Finished Open21Male21Oliver's Real Food RacingAUS 48.9 km/h
2246Nick Kergozu De La Boessiere00:01:28.37Finished Open22Male22Mobius Future RacingNZL 48.9 km/h
23124Scott Sunderland00:01:28.38Finished Open23Male23Team BudgetForkliftsAUS 48.9 km/h
24121Jack Bobridge00:01:28.53Finished Open24Male24Team BudgetForkliftsAUS 48.8 km/h
2545Aden Reynolds00:01:28.55Finished Open25Male25Mobius Future RacingAUS 48.8 km/h
2674Michael Rice00:01:28.56Finished Cycling TeamAUS 48.8 km/h
2776Sam Dobbs00:01:29.24Finished Cycling TeamNZL 48.4 km/h
28122Jack Anderson00:01:29.34Finished Open28Male28Team BudgetForkliftsAUS 48.4 km/h
2964Matt Lane00:01:29.36Finished Open29Male29Wormall CCS Racing TeamAUS 48.3 km/h
3084Alex Porter00:01:29.42Finished Open30Male30SASI / Callidus Cycling TeamAUS 48.3 km/h
3137Darcy Woolley00:01:29.42Finished Open31Male31African Wildlife Safaris Cycling TeamAUS 48.3 km/h
3236Alexander Smyth00:01:29.53Finished Open32Male32African Wildlife Safaris Cycling TeamAUS 48.3 km/h
3327Sam Crome00:01:29.79Finished Open33Male33Charter Mason Giant RacingAUS 48.1 km/h
3424Josh Taylor00:01:29.86Finished Open34Male34Charter Mason Giant RacingAUS 48.1 km/h
3551Ashley Mackay00:01:29.88Finished Open35Male35GDT Provident Racing TeamAUS 48.1 km/h
36112Jackson Mawby00:01:29.88Finished Open36Male36Navitas Satalyst Racing TeamAUS 48.1 km/h
37113Theo Yates00:01:29.91Finished Open37Male37Navitas Satalyst Racing TeamAUS 48.0 km/h
3883Callum Scotson00:01:29.93Finished Open38Male38SASI / Callidus Cycling TeamAUS 48.0 km/h
3923Jayden Copp00:01:30.00Finished Open39Male39Charter Mason Giant RacingAUS 48.0 km/h
4054Mathew Chambers00:01:30.14Finished Open40Male40GDT Provident Racing Team  47.9 km/h
4163Sam Lane00:01:30.21Finished Open41Male41Wormall CCS Racing TeamAUS 47.9 km/h
42115Tim Sellar00:01:30.29Finished Open42Male42Navitas Satalyst Racing TeamAUS 47.8 km/h
43142Sean Finning00:01:30.34Finished Open43Male43New Zealand Cycling TeamNZL 47.8 km/h
44131Alistair Crameri00:01:30.35Finished Open44Male44Pat's Veg CyclingAUS 47.8 km/h
4562Nicholas Graham Dawson00:01:30.43Finished Open45Male45Wormall CCS Racing TeamAUS 47.8 km/h
4653Julian Jacobs00:01:30.44Finished Open46Male46GDT Provident Racing Team  47.8 km/h
472Patrick Shaw00:01:30.46Finished Open47Male47Avanti RacingNZL 47.8 km/h
4867Russell Gill00:01:30.54Finished Open48Male48Wormall CCS Racing TeamAUS 47.7 km/h
4992Stephen Hall00:01:30.55Finished Open49Male49Otoc VaultAUS 47.7 km/h
50133Liam White00:01:30.59Finished Open50Male50Pat's Veg CyclingAUS 47.7 km/h
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