Lancelin Ocean Classic
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12 Jan 2019
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Race No
Name *
Cat Pos
Time Behind Cat
Gen Pos
30130Aaron GAVIN00:34:03.8Masters (35+)800:03:31.6Male29 AUS AUS 45.1 km/h
2244Adam PASSMORE00:32:02.5Masters (35+)300:01:30.3Male21 AUS AUS 48.0 km/h
14118Alex STRUB00:31:02.9Masters (35+)200:00:30.7Male13 CHE CHE 49.5 km/h
10039Andrew MAFFETT01:35:04.6Grand Masters (45+)4401:04:13.7Male97 AUS AUS 16.2 km/h
8999Andrew TURNER00:56:11.8Grand Masters (45+)3500:25:20.9Male86 AUS AUS 27.4 km/h
1774Ant DUNN00:31:27.2Grand Masters (45+)200:00:36.3Male16 AUS AUS 48.9 km/h
1331Ash NICOL00:30:50.9Grand Masters (45+)1 Male12 AUS AUS 49.8 km/h
55Avan GRIFFITH00:27:15.6Elite500:03:02.2Male5 AUS AUS 56.4 km/h
39Bastien ESCOFET00:26:30.9Elite300:02:17.5Male3 AUS FRA 58.0 km/h
6991Ben CAINE00:45:16.7Masters (35+)2100:14:44.5Male68 AUS AUS 34.0 km/h
21143Ben SEVERNE00:31:56.0Grand Masters (45+)500:01:05.1Male20 AUS AUS 48.1 km/h
46Bernard SCHORTINGHUISDNFGrand Masters (45+) Male AUS NED  
9532Bernie JANES01:16:52.8Grand Masters (45+)4000:46:01.9Male92 AUS AUS 20.0 km/h
5226Bjorn HAGE00:40:41.0Grand Masters (45+)1800:09:50.1Male51 SWE AUS 37.8 km/h
151Blair GAVIN00:31:24.7Elite1000:07:11.3Male14 AUS AUS 48.9 km/h
40127Brett TROUCHET00:37:39.4Masters (35+)1200:07:07.2Male39 AUS AUS 40.8 km/h
67Bruce ARMSTRONGDNFGrand Masters (45+) Male AUS AUS  
89Camillo PILLONELDNSJunior U18 Male AUS AUS  
99128Charles PARER01:29:39.5Grand Masters (45+)4300:58:48.6Male96 AUS AUS 17.1 km/h
54Ching Yee CHANDNFFemale Female AUS HKG  
51Chloe WALKERDNFFemale Female AUS AUS  
187Chris ADAMSON00:31:42.3Elite1100:07:28.9Male17 AUS AUS 48.5 km/h
145Chris BAILEYDNSMasters (35+) Male AUS AUS  
16122Chris LOCKWOOD00:31:27.1Open (18-34)200:01:41.4Male15 AUS AUS 48.9 km/h
62148Chris PORTER00:43:36.3Open (18-34)700:13:50.6Male61 AUS AUS 35.3 km/h
138Christian WETJENDNFMasters (35+) Male AUS GER  
81Chung Wai WONGDNFGrand Masters (45+) Male AUS AUS  
2718Claude LECOQ00:33:42.9Grand Masters (45+)700:02:52.0Male26 AUS AUS 45.6 km/h
97Colin CROMBDNFGrand Masters (45+) Male AUS AUS  
5941Craig FRASER00:42:50.4Grand Masters (45+)2200:11:59.5Male58 AUS AUS 35.9 km/h
4748Craig MANN00:39:08.7Grand Masters (45+)1300:08:17.8Male46 AUS AUS 39.3 km/h
1136Craig MCLAREN00:30:32.2Masters (35+)1 Male10 AUS AUS 50.3 km/h
3110Craig SPOTTISWOOD00:34:10.0Elite1200:09:56.6Male30 AUS AUS 45.0 km/h
80137Craig YELLAND00:50:08.8Masters (35+)2600:19:36.6Male79 AUS AUS 30.7 km/h
64Daniel ENGDAHL00:27:21.5Elite600:03:08.1Male6 AUS AUS 56.2 km/h
5776Darren CLARK00:42:24.8Grand Masters (45+)2100:11:33.9Male56 AUS AUS 36.2 km/h
29Darryl GRIFFITHSDNSGrand Masters (45+) Male AUS AUS  
9290David HARVEY00:58:28.0Grand Masters (45+)3700:27:37.1Male89 AUS AUS 26.3 km/h
78136David INGRAM00:49:56.5Masters (35+)2500:19:24.3Male77 AUS AUS 30.8 km/h
52David PRICEDNFGrand Masters (45+) Male AUS AUS  
77120Euan HARVEY00:49:39.0Grand Masters (45+)3000:18:48.1Male76 AUS AUS 31.0 km/h
58117Fabio CANELLA00:42:36.8Open (18-34)600:12:51.1Male57 AUS ITA 36.1 km/h
4624Garth ILETT00:39:06.1Grand Masters (45+)1200:08:15.2Male45 AUS AUS 39.3 km/h
7955Greg BURROWS00:50:04.7Grand Masters (45+)3100:19:13.8Male78 AUS AUS 30.7 km/h
9323Greg FERGUSON01:00:35.2Grand Masters (45+)3800:29:44.3Male90 AUS AUS 25.4 km/h
6884Greg MCGUFFIE00:45:07.4Grand Masters (45+)2500:14:16.5Male67 AUS AUS 34.1 km/h
5378Hans-Christian JEPPESEN00:40:54.3Masters (35+)1600:10:22.1Male52 AUS AUS 37.6 km/h
29149Haydn LAW00:33:49.1Masters (35+)700:03:16.9Male28 AUS AUS 45.5 km/h
88144Heath HUNTER00:54:41.4Grand Masters (45+)3400:23:50.5Male85 AUS AUS 28.1 km/h
49Henry FABERDNSOpen (18-34) Male GER GER  
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