Bibra Lake Fun Run
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16 Sep 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Time Behind Cat
Gen Pos
Team Type
Pos in Team
Pace *
187Rachael MADRIGALINot startedOpen 18+ FemaleSchoolHPCPSrunclub  
188Jasmin GARCESNot started12 & Under FemaleSchoolHPCPSrunclub  
189Mason GARCESNot started12 & Under MaleSchoolHPCPSrunclub  
191Stacey RICHARDSNot startedOpen 18+ Female    
200Rebecca MACRAENot startedOpen 18+ FemaleSchoolHPCPSrunclub  
201Jacob MACRAENot started12 & Under MaleSchoolHPCPSrunclub  
202Devon MACRAENot started12 & Under MaleSchoolHPCPSrunclub  
203David MACRAENot startedOpen 18+ MaleSchoolHPCPSrunclub  
206Lleyton PALMERNot startedOpen 18+ Male    
231Marivin SAMPANGNot startedOpen 18+ Male    
235Hilda HIGGINSNot startedOpen 18+ Female    
241Holly MUIRNot started12 & Under FemaleSchoolCoogee Primary School  
245William SWALLINGNot started55 & Over MaleClubYStriders  
249Charmaine SAVYNot startedOpen 18+ Female    
250Tyler SAVYNot started17 & Under Female    
253Natalie BARBOURNot startedOpen 18+ Female    
254David MILLERNot startedOpen 18+ Male    
255Phoebe MILLERNot started12 & Under Female    
260Stuart MOORENot started55 & Over Male    
261Lauren MOORENot started12 & Under Female    
279Kurt WESLEYNot startedOpen 18+ Male    
283Sofia DE BERNARDISNot started17 & Under FemaleClubCockburn Athletics Club  
284Sofia DE BERNARDISNot started17 & Under FemaleClubCockburn Athletics Club  
286Nicholas SWEETMANNot startedOpen 18+ Male    
291Michael KENCHNot startedOpen 18+ Male    
292Stacey KENCHNot startedOpen 18+ Female    
293Thomas KENCHNot started12 & Under Male    
294Jack KENCHNot started12 & Under Male    
296Emily HADWIGERNot startedOpen 18+ FemaleClubCockburn Athletics Club  
301Adrienne WEHRNot startedOpen 18+ FemaleClubCockburn Athletics Club  
302Charley WEHRNot started17 & Under MaleClubCockburn Athletics Club  
305Seth HEIFNERNot started12 & Under Male    
309Lidia Maria FREITASNot startedOpen 18+ Female    
310Henrique ALCANTARA ROCHANot startedOpen 18+ Male    
311Miguel ROCHANot started12 & Under Male    
312Pedro ROCHANot started12 & Under Male    
313Meaghan VARIANNot started12 & Under FemaleSchoolCoogee Primary School  
320Nick HOLMESNot started17 & Under Male    
321Elize GODLEYNot startedOpen 18+ Female    
322George GODLEYNot startedOpen 18+ Male    
323Kara GODLEYNot started17 & Under Female    
324Nadia GODLEYNot started12 & Under Female    
325Melany CHAPMANNot startedOpen 18+ FemaleSchoolCoogee Primary School  
326Ashleigh COXNot startedOpen 18+ FemaleSchoolCoogee Primary School  
327Kirsty BUTLERNot startedOpen 18+ FemaleSchoolCoogee Primary School  
315John CAMERONNot startedOpen 18+ Male    
331Jasmine PUGHNot started17 & Under Female    
335Luke HEATHCOTENot started17 & Under Male    
345Noelle CHITTYNot started17 & Under Female    
346Tia CHITTYNot started17 & Under Female    
Page 1 of 12 (563 items)

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