Swimming WA OWS 1718 #8 - Rockingham
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4 Feb 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Time Behind Cat
Gen Pos
1407Sean ALCORN00:09:47Under 111 Male1 Western AustraliaAUS 19:34 min/km
2412Lachy GODFREY00:09:52Under 151 Male2UWA WEST COASTWestern AustraliaAUS 19:44 min/km
3429Taine WILLIAMS00:10:17Under 11200:00:30Male3 Western AustraliaAUS 20:34 min/km
4423Harrison O'DEA CREDARO00:10:34Under 15200:00:42Male4 Western AustraliaAUS 21:08 min/km
5446Serena QUINN00:10:41Under 111 Female1Rockingham Swim ClubWestern AustraliaAUS 21:22 min/km
6445Ankia MEINTJES00:10:42Under 151 Female2 Western AustraliaAUS 21:24 min/km
7409Cade CHILVERS00:10:55Under 15300:01:03Male5 Western AustraliaAUS 21:50 min/km
8432Julie ASTLEY00:11:05Super Legends (50+)1 Female3 Western AustraliaAUS 22:10 min/km
9411Harry GODFREY00:11:25Under 15400:01:32Male6 Western AustraliaAUS 22:50 min/km
10451Zoe SHACKLES00:11:25Under 15200:00:42Female4 Western AustraliaAUS 22:50 min/km
11413Aiden HILL00:11:33Under 11300:01:46Male7 Western AustraliaAUS 23:06 min/km
12414Peter TRAEGER00:11:34Chaperone1 Male8 Western AustraliaAUS 23:08 min/km
13435Amelie CUMMINS00:11:41Under 15300:00:59Female5 Western AustraliaAUS 23:22 min/km
14452Winifred TAYLOR-WILLIAMS00:12:19Under 181 Female6 Western AustraliaAUS 24:38 min/km
15453Kelly THOMPSON00:12:19Chaperone1 Female7 Western AustraliaAUS 24:38 min/km
16421Rhanam O'BRIEN00:12:21Under 11400:02:33Male9 Western AustraliaAUS 24:42 min/km
17416Tyrone KNIGHTS00:12:24Chaperone200:00:49Male10 Western AustraliaAUS 24:48 min/km
18422Zephyr O'BRIEN00:12:27Under 11500:02:40Male11 Western AustraliaAUS 24:54 min/km
19438Cath GODFREY00:12:27Chaperone200:00:08Female8 Western AustraliaAUS 24:54 min/km
20420Chris O'BRIEN00:12:32Chaperone300:00:57Male12 Western AustraliaAUS 25:04 min/km
21417Lachlan MARLEY00:12:35Under 15500:02:43Male13 Western AustraliaAUS 25:10 min/km
22428Ian WILLIAMS00:12:39Chaperone400:01:04Male14 Western AustraliaAUS 25:18 min/km
23444Jingjing LUO00:12:43Open (18-34)1 Female9 Western AustraliaAUS 25:26 min/km
24455Joss WILSON00:12:54Under 15400:02:11Female10 Western AustraliaAUS 25:48 min/km
25430Tarick WILSON00:13:58Under 11600:04:11Male15 Western AustraliaAUS 27:56 min/km
26431Joe WILSON00:14:05Chaperone500:02:30Male16 Western AustraliaAUS 28:10 min/km
27408Matt BALL00:14:06Open (18-34)1 Male17 Western AustraliaAUS 28:12 min/km
28424Hugh QUINN00:14:06Chaperone600:02:31Male18 Western AustraliaAUS 28:12 min/km
29441Jacqui HYMUS00:14:51Chaperone300:02:32Female11 Western AustraliaAUS 29:42 min/km
30418Lucas MARLEY00:14:52Under 11700:05:05Male19 Western AustraliaAUS 29:44 min/km
31419Russell MARLEY00:14:55Chaperone700:03:20Male20 Western AustraliaAUS 29:50 min/km
32448Katelyn SANDERS00:15:05Under 15500:04:22Female12 Western AustraliaAUS 30:10 min/km
33437Sarah DAMMERS00:15:27Open (18-34)200:02:43Female13 Western AustraliaAUS 30:54 min/km
34425Max ROOTS00:15:30Under 11800:05:43Male21 Western AustraliaAUS 31:00 min/km
35433Lisa CAMPBELL00:16:06Open (18-34)300:03:22Female14 Western AustraliaAUS 32:12 min/km
36449Lauren SANDERS00:16:14Under 11200:05:33Female15 Western AustraliaAUS 32:28 min/km
37426John SANDERS00:16:15Chaperone800:04:40Male22 Western AustraliaAUS 32:30 min/km
38436Maiya CUMMINS00:17:28Under 11300:06:47Female16 Western AustraliaAUS 34:56 min/km
39410Stephen CUMMINS00:17:30Chaperone900:05:55Male23 Western AustraliaAUS 35:00 min/km
40439Natalie HUNTER00:17:30Legends (35-49)1 Female17 Western AustraliaAUS 35:00 min/km
41336Annika KLAUS00:17:32Under 11400:06:51Female18 Western AustraliaAUS 35:04 min/km
42447Suzanne ROOTS00:17:36Chaperone400:05:17Female19 Western AustraliaAUS 35:12 min/km
43340Angela KRAUS00:17:49Chaperone500:05:30Female20 Western AustraliaAUS 35:38 min/km
44334Thomas DAGNALL00:18:22Under 181 Male24 Western AustraliaAUS 36:44 min/km
45442Sabine KLAUD00:19:56Under 11500:09:15Female21 Western AustraliaAUS 39:52 min/km
46415Hans KLAUS00:19:58Chaperone1000:08:23Male25 Western AustraliaAUS 39:56 min/km
443Charlie KNIGHTSDNFUnder 11 Female Western AustraliaAUS  
450Alyssa SHACKLESDNFUnder 15 Female Western AustraliaAUS  
427Lucas WHITEDNSUnder 15 Male Western AustraliaAUS  
434Emma CAPPELLUTIDNSChaperone Female Western AustraliaAUS  
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