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25 Nov 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Second Categ
Second Categ Pos
Gen Pos
1137Cory HILL01:33:20Ski Open1Ski Open1Male1  Ocean SkiOpen3:27 min/km
2217Hank MCGREGOR01:33:37Ski Open2Ski Open2Male2  Ocean SkiOpen3:28 min/km
3174Austin KIEFFER01:35:37Ski Open3Ski Open3Male3  Ocean SkiOpen3:32 min/km
4148Mackenzie HYNARD01:37:16Ski Open4Ski Open4Male4  Ocean SkiOpen3:36 min/km
5387Bruce TAYLOR01:37:44Ski Open5Ski Open5Male5  Ocean SkiOpen3:37 min/km
6279Brendan RICE01:38:00Ski Open6Ski Open6Male6  Ocean SkiOpen3:37 min/km
758Oscar CHALUPSKY01:38:09Ski Over 501Ski Open7Male7  Ocean SkiOver 503:38 min/km
871Jeremy COTTER01:39:04Ski Open7Ski Open8Male8  Ocean SkiOpen3:40 min/km
959Herman CHALUPSKY01:39:20Ski Over 502Ski Open9Male9  Ocean SkiOver 503:40 min/km
10405Reece BAKER01:39:55Ski Open8Ski Open10Male10  Ocean SkiOpen3:42 min/km
11229Nathan MEYER01:40:00Ski Over 401Ski Open11Male11  Ocean SkiOver 403:42 min/km
12250Sam NORTON01:40:35Ski Open9Ski Open12Male12  Ocean SkiOpen3:43 min/km
13158Luke JONES01:40:59Ski Open10Ski Open13Male13  Ocean SkiOpen3:44 min/km
14228Josh MEYER01:41:25Ski Open11Ski Open14Male14  Ocean SkiOpen3:45 min/km
1520Jamie BEAVIS01:41:51Ski Over 402Ski Open15Male15  Ocean SkiOver 403:46 min/km
168Mark ANDERSON01:41:53Ski Over 403Ski Open16Male16  Ocean SkiOver 403:46 min/km
17337Mitchell TRIM01:41:56Ski Open12Ski Open17Male17  Ocean SkiOpen3:46 min/km
18190Benoit LE ROUX01:42:18Ski Open13Ski Open18Male18  Ocean SkiOpen3:47 min/km
19364Tommy WOODRIFF01:43:56Ski Over 404Ski Open19Male19  Ocean SkiOver 403:50 min/km
2023Will BIRD01:43:59Ski Open14Ski Open20Male20  Ocean SkiOpen3:51 min/km
217Tim ALTMAN01:44:14Ski Over 503Ski Open21Male21  Ocean SkiOver 503:51 min/km
2226Adam BLOOMFIELD01:44:43Ski Open15Ski Open22Male22  Ocean SkiOpen3:52 min/km
23235Fergus MORGAN01:45:00Ski Open16Ski Open23Male23  Ocean SkiOpen3:53 min/km
24262Ryan PAROZ01:45:06Ski Open17Ski Open24Male24  Ocean SkiOpen3:53 min/km
2594Travis ENGLAND01:45:26Ski Open18Ski Open25Male25  Ocean SkiOpen3:54 min/km
26232Mike MILLS-THOM01:45:48Ski Over 504Ski Open26Male26  Ocean SkiOver 503:55 min/km
2799Tim FITZSIMMONS01:45:51Ski Over 405Ski Open27Male27  Ocean SkiOver 403:55 min/km
2825Tim BIRD01:45:55Ski Over 406Ski Open28Male28  Ocean SkiOver 403:55 min/km
29242Andrew MOWLEM01:46:00Ski Open19Ski Open29Male29  Ocean SkiOpen3:55 min/km
30326Kristopher TAYLOR01:46:21Ski Open20Ski Open30Male30  Ocean SkiOpen3:56 min/km
3153Devon CAREN01:46:35Ski Under 191Ski Open31Male31  Ocean SkiUnder 193:56 min/km
32183Nicolas LAMBERT01:46:43Ski Open21Ski Open32Male32  Ocean SkiOpen3:57 min/km
33329Nicholas TAYLOR01:46:45Ski Over 505Ski Open33Male33  Ocean SkiOver 503:57 min/km
346Ben ALLEN01:46:46Ski Over 407Ski Open34Male34  Ocean SkiOver 403:57 min/km
3518Dean BEAMENT01:46:58Ski Over 408Ski Open35Male35  Ocean SkiOver 403:57 min/km
3629Todd BORELAND01:47:14Ski Over 409Ski Open36Male36  Ocean SkiOver 403:58 min/km
3712Shaun AUSTIN01:47:32Ski Open22Ski Open37Male37  Ocean SkiOpen3:58 min/km
38252Julian NORTON-SMITH01:47:58Ski Over 4010Ski Open38Male38  Ocean SkiOver 403:59 min/km
39348Michael WAIDE01:47:58Ski Over 506Ski Open39Male39  Ocean SkiOver 503:59 min/km
4040Keithley BURN01:48:06Ski Open23Ski Open40Male40  Ocean SkiOpen4:00 min/km
41280Shaun RICE01:48:11Ski Over 507Ski Open41Male41  Ocean SkiOver 504:00 min/km
42214Sam MAYHEW01:48:13Ski Open24Ski Open42Male42  Ocean SkiOpen4:00 min/km
43236Ivor MORGAN01:48:32Ski Over 4011Ski Open43Male43  Ocean SkiOver 404:01 min/km
4490James DUNCAN01:48:35Ski Open25Ski Open44Male44  Ocean SkiOpen4:01 min/km
45130Patrick HARRIS01:48:58Ski Open26Ski Open45Male45  Ocean SkiOpen4:02 min/km
469Lachlan ARMSTRONG01:49:22Ski Open27Ski Open46Male46  Ocean SkiOpen4:03 min/km
47386WATER TIGHT 01:49:22Mixed and FeMale Doubles1Double1Mixed1Brett CassidyAsa NowellDoubleMixed4:03 min/km
48381LEAVERSUCH 01:49:58Mixed and FeMale Doubles2Double2Mixed2Peter LeaversuchTash LeaversuchDoubleMixed4:04 min/km
49194Hayden LESTER01:50:03Ski Open28Ski Open47Male47  Ocean SkiOpen4:04 min/km
50388Brad HAGEN01:50:21Ski Over 4012Ski Open48Male48  Ocean SkiOver 404:05 min/km
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