Swim Thru Perth
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22 January 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Second Categ
Second Categ Pos
Gen Pos
1262Bailey ALEXANDER00:04:49.1Open1Under 111Male1 Western AustraliaAUS  19:16 min/km250m Wave 2
2285Libby RAYNER00:04:57.6Open1Under 151Female1 Western AustraliaAUS  19:50 min/km250m Wave 2
3289Laura RUTHERFORD00:05:19.3Open2Under 152Female2 Western AustraliaAUS Red Sharks21:17 min/km250m Wave 2
4279Maisie MCCAUL00:05:20.0Open3Under 111Female3 Western AustraliaAUS UWA Swim Squad21:20 min/km250m Wave 2
5292Timur SEYYAR00:05:24.3Open2Under 112Male2 Western AustraliaAUS  21:37 min/km250m Wave 2
6271Katja DE BOER00:05:32.7Open4Under 112Female4 Western AustraliaAUS  22:10 min/km250m Wave 1
7342Grace MEWS00:05:39.1Open5Under 153Female5 Western AustraliaAUS H2O22:36 min/km250m Wave 1
8280Tom MENGLER00:05:48.1Open3Under 113Male3 Western AustraliaAUS  23:12 min/km250m Wave 2
9290Katelyn SANDERS00:05:51.5Open6Under 113Female6 Western AustraliaAUS  23:26 min/km250m Wave 2
10284Lleyton NORREGAARD00:05:56.7Open4Under 114Male4 Western AustraliaAUS  23:46 min/km250m Wave 1
11268Charli BOWLER00:06:05.0Open7Under 114Female7 Western AustraliaAUS  24:20 min/km250m Wave 1
12274Carlie FERGUSON00:06:08.0Open8Under 115Female8 Western AustraliaAUS  24:32 min/km250m Wave 2
13267Juliette BIRD00:06:11.8Open9Under 116Female9 Western AustraliaAUS Red Sharks24:47 min/km250m Wave 2
14266Heather BIRD00:06:12.6Open10Under 117Female10 Western AustraliaAUS Red Sharks24:50 min/km250m Wave 2
15283Michael NGUYEN00:06:16.2Open5Open (18-34)1Male5 Western AustraliaAUS Superfins25:04 min/km250m Wave 1
16263Harry ALEXANDER00:06:21.9Open6Under 115Male6 Western AustraliaAUS  25:27 min/km250m Wave 2
17277Paola ION00:06:28.5Open11Under 118Female11 Western AustraliaAUS  25:54 min/km250m Wave 2
18282Stephanie NEVILLE00:06:29.7Open12Open (18-34)1Female12SuperfinsWestern AustraliaAUS Superfins 25:58 min/km250m Wave 1
19278Helen MCCAUL00:06:32.2Open13Under 119Female13 Western AustraliaAUS UWA Swim Squad26:08 min/km250m Wave 2
20269Indiana BOWLER00:06:44.9Open14Under 1110Female14 Western AustraliaAUS Westcoast Uniswim26:59 min/km250m Wave 1
21343Jarrod NATHAN00:06:48.6Open7Under 181Male7 Western AustraliaAUS Superfins27:14 min/km250m Wave 1
22288Daniel RUTHERFORD00:06:56.7Open8Under 116Male8 Western AustraliaAUS Red Sharks27:46 min/km250m Wave 2
23291Lauren SANDERS00:06:59.8Open15Under 1111Female15 Western AustraliaAUS  27:59 min/km250m Wave 2
24286Matthew RAYNER00:07:13.3Open9Under 117Male9 Western AustraliaAUS  28:53 min/km250m Wave 2
25276Alessandro HIPOLITO00:07:55.1Open10Under 118Male10 Western AustraliaAUS  31:40 min/km250m Wave 1
26265Maria Vanessa ATIENZA-HIPOLITO00:08:26.7Open16Legends (35-49)1Female16 Western AustraliaAUS  33:46 min/km250m Wave 1
27272Sebastian DOBRZANSKI00:08:45.8Open11Under 119Male11 Western AustraliaAUS  35:03 min/km250m Wave 1
28264Katya ANDERSON00:08:46.6Open17Open (18-34)2Female17SuperfinsWestern AustraliaAUS  35:06 min/km250m Wave 1
29287Ben REDDINGIUS SUPERFIN00:08:47.8Open12Open (18-34)2Male12 Western AustraliaAUS Superfins35:11 min/km250m Wave 1
30341Rose MEWS00:11:29.4Open18Under 1112Female18 Western AustraliaAUS H2045:57 min/km250m Wave 1
270Nick BRETLANDDNSOpen Super Legends (50+) Male  Western AustraliaAUS   250m Wave 1
273Carrick DODDSDNSOpen Under 15 Male  Western AustraliaAUS southlake dolphins 250m Wave 1
275Maddison GERRANSDNSOpen Under 11 Female  Western AustraliaAUS   250m Wave 2
281Jarrod NATHANDNSOpen Under 18 Male SuperfinsWestern AustraliaAUS   250m Wave 1
293Claire SHERRINGTONDNSOpen Under 11 Female  Western AustraliaAUS   250m Wave 2
294Peter SHERRINGTONDNSOpen Legends (35-49) Male  Western AustraliaAUS   250m Wave 1
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