Cape to Cape MTB
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22 Oct 2015
Any time adjustments are applied to the GC, not the stage
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Race No
Time Adj
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11Mark TUPALSKI01:42:17 Open1Male1 24.6 km/h
29Jon GREGG01:43:03 40491Male2 24.5 km/h
38Craig COOKE01:43:05 Open2Male3 24.4 km/h
436Kyle WARD01:44:00 Open3Male4 24.2 km/h
55Reece TUCKNOTT01:46:02 Open4Male5 23.8 km/h
612Russell NANKERVIS01:47:54 Open5Male6 23.4 km/h
74Paul VAN DER PLOEG01:49:56 Open6Male7 22.9 km/h
815Nick MORGAN01:50:00 Open7Male8 22.9 km/h
919Brad HAMBLETT01:51:45 Open8Male9 22.5 km/h
10225Brad CLARKE01:51:47 Open9Male10 22.5 km/h
1121Darcy PIROTTA01:52:14 Open10Male11 22.5 km/h
12474Damien JONES01:52:55 40492Male12 22.3 km/h
1314Ethan KELLY01:53:16 Open11Male13 22.2 km/h
141052Steven RANKINE01:53:17 Open12Male14 22.2 km/h
1518Mike BLEWIT01:54:12 Open13Male15 22.1 km/h
166David HIND01:54:59 Open14Male16 21.9 km/h
17129Luke BANHAM01:55:36 Open15Male17 21.8 km/h
1822Matt DEC01:55:39 40493Male18 21.8 km/h
1928Andrew LUMLEY01:56:15 Open16Male19 21.7 km/h
20819Tobias STRUNK01:56:49 40494Male20 21.6 km/h
211012Nathan JONES01:57:44 Open17Male21 21.4 km/h
2229Lars DROSTE01:58:09 Open18Male22 21.3 km/h
2325Lee SCURLOCK01:58:29 Open19Male23 21.3 km/h
24525Ryan LENNOX01:58:34 40495Male24 21.3 km/h
25428Daniel HELM01:58:48 Open20Male25 21.2 km/h
26334Scott EMMERSON01:58:48 Open21Male26 21.2 km/h
27626Gavin MORTON01:59:36 Open22Male27 21.1 km/h
287Rohin ADAMS01:59:49 Open23Male28 21.0 km/h
2920Samuel RUBERY02:00:39 Open24Male29 20.9 km/h
301026Andrew LOW02:00:51 Open25Male30 20.9 km/h
31918Dayne WILLING02:01:00 40496Male31 20.8 km/h
32619Jarrod MORONI02:01:09 Open26Male32 20.8 km/h
33909Damon WICKI02:01:16 40497Male33 20.8 km/h
34338Chris ERCEGOVICH02:01:58 40498Male34 20.7 km/h
351045Jason MORGAN02:02:46 40499Male35 20.5 km/h
3630Peta MULLENS02:02:48 Open1Female1 20.5 km/h
371049Anthony O'BRIEN02:03:43 Open27Male36 20.4 km/h
3833Imogen SMITH02:04:09 Open2Female2 20.3 km/h
39717Patrick QUINLAN02:04:11 Open28Male37 20.3 km/h
401078John VAN WYHE02:04:18 404910Male38 20.3 km/h
41771Nathan SCHMIEDTE02:04:19 404911Male39 20.3 km/h
42431Ralph HERBORT02:04:37 Open29Male40 20.2 km/h
43746Jason ROBERTS02:04:49 Open30Male41 20.2 km/h
44664Timothy O'LEARY02:04:53 50591Male42 20.2 km/h
45427Ilkka HEINONEN02:04:59 Open31Male43 20.2 km/h
46842Damian THOMSON02:05:06 404912Male44 20.1 km/h
47758Paul ROSSER02:05:09 404913Male45 20.1 km/h
48781Roger SHOOTER02:05:17 404914Male46 20.1 km/h
49613Tim MOLLISON02:05:25 50592Male47 20.1 km/h
50406Simon HALL02:05:35 404915Male48 20.1 km/h
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