Cape to Cape MTB
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22 Oct 2015
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Race No
Time Adj
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
14Paul van der Ploeg 00:01:53 Open1Male1 km/h
236Kyle Ward 00:01:56 Open2Male2 km/h
321Darcy Pirotta 00:01:56 Open3Male3 km/h
415Nick Morgan 00:02:00 Open4Male4 km/h
51Mark Tupalski 00:02:01 Open5Male5 km/h
6225Brad Clarke 00:02:03 Open6Male6 km/h
78Craig Cooke 00:02:05 Open7Male7 km/h
87Rohin Adams 00:02:05 Open8Male8 km/h
912Russell Nankervis 00:02:05 Open9Male9 km/h
1020Sam Rubery 00:02:06 Invitational1Male10 km/h
111133Blake Pearce00:02:07 Invitational2Male11 km/h
121130Jon Gregg 00:02:07 Open10Male12 km/h
136David Hind 00:02:08 Open11Male13 km/h
1414Ethan Kelly 00:02:09 Open12Male14 km/h
15474Damien Jones 00:02:10 Open13Male15 km/h
161052Steven Rankine 00:02:10 Open14Male16 km/h
171126Jordan Prochyra 00:02:10 Invitational3Male17 km/h
1818Mike Blewit 00:02:13 Open15Male18 km/h
191102Shane Wode 00:02:13 Invitational4Male19 km/h
201151Robbie McNaughton 00:02:15 Invitational5Male20 km/h
21506Roly Kyme 00:02:17 Locals1Male21 km/h
2230Peta Mullens 00:02:17 Open1Female1 km/h
2328Andrew Lumley 00:02:19 Open16Male22 km/h
241158Samual Buchanan 00:02:20 Locals2Male23 km/h
251159Mitch Monotti 00:02:21 Locals3Male24 km/h
26129Luke Banham 00:02:23 Open17Male25 km/h
271136Dylan Johnson00:02:24 Locals4Male26 km/h
281128Michael Brookes 00:02:25 Locals5Male27 km/h
2922Matt Dec 00:02:26 Open18Male28 km/h
30882Johnny Waddell 00:02:27 Invitational6Male29 km/h
3133Imogen Smith 00:02:30 Open2Female2 km/h
32105Cadel Adams 00:02:32 Locals6Male30 km/h
331164Dave Berry 00:02:33 Locals7Male31 km/h
34819Tobias Strunk 00:02:36 Open19Male32 km/h
35786Jessica Simpson 00:02:43 Open3Female3 km/h
361166Jacob Dare 00:02:47 Locals8Male33 km/h
3735Steff Van Amerongen00:02:50 Open4Female4 km/h
381107Mark Wardell00:02:51 Invitational7Male34 km/h
3934Sarah McLachlan 00:02:53 Open5Female5 km/h
40454Jessica Houston 00:02:54 Open6Female6 km/h
411135Harry Jackson00:02:55 Locals9Male35 km/h
421165Gus Kyme 00:02:55 Locals10Male36 km/h
43606Peter Millard 00:02:56 Locals11Male37 km/h
44314Alison Dyson 00:02:58 Open7Female7 km/h
45974Margaret Clarke 00:03:06 Open8Female8 km/h
46948Dianne James 00:03:16 Locals1Female9 km/h
471160Jodie Berry 00:03:28 Locals2Female10 km/h
481163Euan Murray 00:03:39 Locals12Male38 km/h
491168Tom Norrish 00:03:40 Locals13Male39 km/h
501169Will Norrish 00:03:43 Locals14Male40 km/h
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