Tour de Perth 2015
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26 Mar 2015
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Race No
Group Time
Time Adj
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
121Raph Freienstein02:19:47.46Finished Open1Male1Charter Mason Giant RacingGER 43.3 km/h
231Massimo Graziato02:19:47.54Finished Open2Male2African Wildlife Safaris Cycling TeamITA 43.3 km/h
32Patrick Shaw02:19:47.56Finished Open3Male3Avanti RacingNZL 43.3 km/h
436Alexander Smyth02:19:47.58Finished Open4Male4African Wildlife Safaris Cycling TeamAUS 43.3 km/h
5162Roman Van Uden02:19:47.64Finished Open5Male5CCN Cycling Team  43.3 km/h
622Ben Hill02:19:47.65Finished Open6Male6Charter Mason Giant RacingAUS 43.3 km/h
7127Daniel Barry02:19:47.74Finished Open7Male7Team BudgetForkliftsNZL 43.3 km/h
894Guy Kalma02:19:47.84Finished Open8Male8Otoc VaultAUS 43.3 km/h
9112Jackson Mawby02:19:47.91Finished Open9Male9Navitas Satalyst Racing TeamAUS 43.3 km/h
1075Oliver Kent-Spark02:19:47.94Finished Cycling TeamAUS 43.3 km/h
1184Alex Porter02:19:48.31Finished Open11Male11SASI / Callidus Cycling TeamAUS 43.3 km/h
12121Jack Bobridge02:19:48.35Finished Open12Male12Team BudgetForkliftsAUS 43.3 km/h
1314Rien Christensen02:19:48.38Finished Open13Male13Oliver's Real Food RacingNZL 43.3 km/h
1427Sam Crome02:19:48.52Finished Open14Male14Charter Mason Giant RacingAUS 43.3 km/h
15142Sean Finning02:19:48.79Finished Open15Male15New Zealand Cycling TeamNZL 43.3 km/h
165Benjamin Dyball02:19:51.03Finished Open16Male16Avanti RacingNZL 43.2 km/h
1733Pat Lane02:19:51.58Finished Open17Male17African Wildlife Safaris Cycling TeamAUS 43.2 km/h
18114Ben O'connor02:20:03.46Finished Open18Male18Navitas Satalyst Racing TeamAUS 43.2 km/h
1971Alder Martz02:21:32.30Finished Cycling TeamUSA 42.7 km/h
20134Brad Evans02:21:32.44Finished Open20Male20Pat's Veg CyclingNZL 42.7 km/h
21116Sam Welsford02:21:33.22Finished Open21Male21Navitas Satalyst Racing TeamAUS 42.7 km/h
2276Sam Dobbs02:21:33.24Finished Cycling TeamNZL 42.7 km/h
23113Theo Yates02:21:33.35Finished Open23Male23Navitas Satalyst Racing TeamAUS 42.7 km/h
24122Jack Anderson02:21:33.38Finished Open24Male24Team BudgetForkliftsAUS 42.7 km/h
2525Paul Van Der Ploeg02:21:33.53Finished Open25Male25Charter Mason Giant RacingAUS 42.7 km/h
26117Darcy Pirotta02:21:33.58Finished Open26Male26Navitas Satalyst Racing TeamAUS 42.7 km/h
27126Michael Torckler02:21:33.64Finished Open27Male27Team BudgetForkliftsNZL 42.7 km/h
287Matthew Clarke02:21:33.92Finished Open28Male28Avanti RacingNZL 42.7 km/h
2995Michael Storer02:21:34.19Finished Open29Male29Otoc VaultAUS 42.7 km/h
3097Jai Hindley02:21:34.39Finished Open30Male30Otoc VaultAUS 42.7 km/h
314Cameron Karwowski02:21:38.94Finished Open31Male31Avanti RacingNZL 42.7 km/h
321Anthony Giacoppo02:21:43.32Finished Open32Male32Avanti RacingNZL 42.7 km/h
33133Liam White02:22:07.92Finished Open33Male33Pat's Veg CyclingAUS 42.6 km/h
3492Stephen Hall02:22:08.19Finished Open34Male34Otoc VaultAUS 42.6 km/h
35151Jayson Valade02:22:08.60Finished Open35Male35Nanshin Subaru Neilpryde Cycling Team  42.5 km/h
3642Scott Bradburn02:22:08.97Finished Open36Male36Mobius Future RacingAUS 42.5 km/h
37165Ariya Phounsavath02:22:09.10Finished Open37Male37CCN Cycling Team  42.5 km/h
3857Thomas Sandholt Lund02:22:09.16Finished Open38Male38GDT Provident Racing Team  42.5 km/h
39161Lex Nederlof02:22:09.19Finished Open39Male39CCN Cycling Team  42.5 km/h
4016Rien Schuurhuis02:22:09.28Finished Open40Male40Oliver's Real Food RacingDED 42.5 km/h
4193Nicholas Mattock02:22:09.53Finished Open41Male41Otoc VaultAUS 42.5 km/h
4262Nicholas Graham Dawson02:22:09.62Finished Open42Male42Wormall CCS Racing TeamAUS 42.5 km/h
43111Wesley Sulzberger02:22:09.80Finished Open43Male43Navitas Satalyst Racing TeamAUS 42.5 km/h
44125Samuel Witmitz02:22:09.92Finished Open44Male44Team BudgetForkliftsAUS 42.5 km/h
456Mitchell Lovelock-Fay02:22:09.94Finished Open45Male45Avanti RacingNZL 42.5 km/h
46103Edward White02:22:09.94Finished Open46Male46GPM StultzAUS 42.5 km/h
4741Aaron Bicknell02:22:10.03Finished Open47Male47Mobius Future RacingAUS 42.5 km/h
4844Alex Nazarewicz02:22:10.13Finished Open48Male48Mobius Future RacingAUS 42.5 km/h
49105Mark Crawford02:22:10.14Finished Open49Male49GPM StultzAUS 42.5 km/h
50131Alistair Crameri02:22:10.22Finished Open50Male50Pat's Veg CyclingAUS 42.5 km/h
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