Busselton Spring Running Festival
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21 Sep 2013
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1405Club Helena 02:31:03Relay Open1Male1
2423Helen And Joey 02:53:21Relay Mixed1Male2
3448The Raw Whits 03:04:18Relay Open2Male3
4413For Fun ?? 03:04:22Relay Open3Male4
5416Front Runner 03:04:23Relay Mixed2Male5
6434Rats Rule 03:05:57Relay Open4Male6
7404Bt Runclub Girls 03:13:59Relay Open1Female1
8436Shoulda Worn Deo 03:17:02Relay Open5Male7
9451Train Wreck 03:20:01Relay Mixed3Male8
10453Turtles 03:21:32Relay Mixed4Male9
11410Estelle Laoiser 03:22:38Relay Open2Female2
124012 Bums 4 Plums 03:27:17Relay Open6Male10
13440Team Jilly 03:28:04Relay Mixed5Male11
14456Why?? 03:29:51Relay Mixed6Male12
15433Ord Randall 03:30:45Relay Open3Female3
16445The Gingerbread Girls 03:33:24Relay Open4Female4
17406Colzeefish 03:35:16Relay Open7Male13
18431Murphys Law 03:35:47Relay Mixed7Male14
19428Lyrical Detox 03:37:21Relay Open8Male15
20420Happy Feet 03:38:58Relay Mixed8Male16
21455Wammys 03:39:41Relay Open5Female5
22446The Hay Is In The Barn 03:40:47Relay Open9Male17
23452Trc Cadets 03:40:55Relay Open6Female6
24441Team Kd & Lv 03:41:14Relay Open7Female7
25457Van Trigt & King 03:42:02Relay Open10Male18
26427Love2run 03:45:07Relay Open8Female8
27444Team Two Slow 03:46:03Relay Open11Male19
28412Fintrish 03:49:56Relay Open9Female9
29437Team Amira 03:52:38Relay Mixed9Male20
30429Mands Race With Haste 03:57:53Relay Open10Female10
31417G N C 04:01:37Relay Mixed10Male21
32438Team Christie 04:04:51Relay Mixed11Male22
33403Bonkers 04:09:24Relay Open12Male23
34409Dream Team 04:11:12Relay Mixed12Male24
35430Me And Her 04:16:21Relay Open11Female11
364025one 04:16:59Relay Mixed13Male25
37415From The Brook 04:17:10Relay Open12Female12
38426Limi 04:18:24Relay Open13Female13
39424Jenkell 04:19:35Relay Open14Female14
40439Team Crosspoint 04:22:04Relay Open13Male26
41411Eurovision 04:22:56Relay Open15Female15
42407Crazy Crawlers 04:25:46Relay Mixed14Male27
43450Totalworx 04:27:19Relay Open16Female16
44454Us Two 04:30:00Relay Open17Female17
45421Happy Runners 04:31:20Relay Open18Female18
46414Franmel 04:32:05Relay Open19Female19
47443Team Trc 04:32:52Relay Open20Female20
48425Kammann Taylor 04:44:43Relay Open21Female21
49449Tojo 04:47:22Relay Open22Female22
408Do We Half To? DNSRelay MixedMale
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