Lancelin Ocean Classic
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12 Jan 2019
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Race No
Cat Pos
Time Behind Cat
Gen Pos
11011Guy BRIDGE00:21:39.1Open (18-34)1 Male1 GBR GBR 71.0 km/h
21008Mani BISSCHOPS00:23:41.6Open (18-34)200:02:02.5Male2 AUS AUS 64.9 km/h
31088Andrew COOKSEY00:24:08.9Open (18-34)300:02:29.8Male3 AUS AUS 63.7 km/h
41002Daniel ANDERSON00:26:56.9Open (18-34)400:05:17.8Male4 AUS AUS 57.0 km/h
51057Rob MITCHELL00:29:37.3Open (18-34)500:07:58.2Male5 AUS AUS 51.9 km/h
61074Dale STANTON00:29:41.8Open (18-34)600:08:02.7Male6 AUS AUS 51.8 km/h
71099Ben FIELD00:30:44.2Open (18-34)700:09:05.1Male7 AUS AUS 50.0 km/h
81023Luca DE PRATO00:30:44.5Masters (35+)1 Male8 AUS ITA 50.0 km/h
91034Christian GUTHORL00:31:08.4Open (18-34)800:09:29.3Male9 AUS GER 49.4 km/h
101052Logan MCCORMICK00:31:10.4Junior U181 Male10 AUS AUS 49.3 km/h
111095Ryan CRAWFORD00:31:23.5Open (18-34)900:09:44.4Male11 AUS GBR 49.0 km/h
121017Rodrigo CARLESSI00:32:07.7Masters (35+)200:01:23.2Male12 AUS ISR 47.8 km/h
131045Denys KARANTONIS00:32:09.1Masters (35+)300:01:24.6Male13 AUS AUS 47.8 km/h
141063Anthony PILLINGER00:32:32.4Grand Masters (45+)1 Male14 AUS AUS 47.2 km/h
151026Ashley ELLIOTT00:32:48.0Open (18-34)1000:11:08.9Male15 AUS AUS 46.9 km/h
161044Rachael HUGHES00:33:00.9Female1 Female1 AUS NZL 46.6 km/h
171084Kent WRIGHT00:34:09.6Grand Masters (45+)200:01:37.2Male16 AUS AUS 45.0 km/h
181085Ian YOUNG00:34:13.1Grand Masters (45+)300:01:40.7Male17 AUS AUS 44.9 km/h
191015Richard CAREY SMITH00:34:39.3Grand Masters (45+)400:02:06.8Male18 AUS AUS 44.4 km/h
201037Ben HEBITON00:34:41.8Masters (35+)400:03:57.3Male19 AUS AUS 44.3 km/h
211019Raphael Ruas CAVALCANTE00:35:57.7Masters (35+)500:05:13.1Male20 AUS AUS 42.7 km/h
221051Joe MCCORMICK00:36:32.6Grand Masters (45+)500:04:00.2Male21 AUS AUS 42.1 km/h
231029Jesse FORGUES00:36:42.8Masters (35+)600:05:58.3Male22 AUS AUS 41.9 km/h
241089Len PEARSON00:36:52.3Grand Masters (45+)600:04:19.9Male23 AUS AUS 41.7 km/h
251070Nicholas FINCH00:37:24.1Open (18-34)1100:15:45.0Male24 SAU AUS 41.1 km/h
261097Tom CLARK00:38:02.0Open (18-34)1200:16:22.9Male25 AUS ENG 40.4 km/h
271038Benjamin HEWITT00:38:17.0Grand Masters (45+)700:05:44.6Male26 AUS AUS 40.2 km/h
281067Karin SCHEIWILLER00:38:26.4Female200:05:25.4Female2 AUS AUS 40.0 km/h
291075Marcelo STERNADT00:38:39.4Open (18-34)1300:17:00.3Male27 AUS AUS 39.8 km/h
301041Brad HILL00:38:40.0Masters (35+)700:07:55.5Male28 AUS AUS 39.8 km/h
311079Charles TAN00:38:45.4Masters (35+)800:08:00.9Male29 SIN SIN 39.7 km/h
321009Daniel BOON00:38:57.7Open (18-34)1400:17:18.6Male30 AUS AUS 39.5 km/h
331076Josh STEVENSON00:39:03.9Junior U18200:07:53.4Male31 AUS AUS 39.3 km/h
341007Branislav BIELEN¦00:39:09.9Masters (35+)900:08:25.4Male32 AUS SLO 39.2 km/h
351031James GATICA-EVANS00:39:15.3Masters (35+)1000:08:30.8Male33 AUS AUS 39.2 km/h
361036Nathan HAMMOND00:39:21.8Open (18-34)1500:17:42.7Male34 AUS AUS 39.1 km/h
371062Zach PHILLIPS00:39:31.5Masters (35+)1100:08:47.0Male35 AUS AUS 38.9 km/h
381020Sam CHAPMAN00:39:37.4Female300:06:36.4Female3 AUS AUS 38.8 km/h
391028Harry FINDLING00:39:52.2Grand Masters (45+)800:07:19.7Male36 AUS AUS 38.6 km/h
401092Andrew MCCARREY00:40:03.0Masters (35+)1200:09:18.5Male37 AUS AUS 38.4 km/h
411032Jonathan GOLDSWORTHY00:40:43.4Grand Masters (45+)900:08:10.9Male38 AUS AUS 37.7 km/h
421059Anne NORDGARD00:40:44.8Female400:07:43.9Female4 AUS NOR 37.7 km/h
431060Bjorn KOC00:40:45.4Grand Masters (45+)1000:08:13.0Male39 AUS NOR 37.7 km/h
441091Hannah ANDERSON00:40:54.8Female500:07:53.9Female5 AUS AUS 37.6 km/h
451040Harry HEWITT00:41:14.9Open (18-34)1600:19:35.8Male40 AUS AUS 37.3 km/h
461043Brad HOLYOAKE00:41:34.1Grand Masters (45+)1100:09:01.7Male41 AUS AUS 37.0 km/h
471068Michael SHEPHERD00:41:54.6Grand Masters (45+)1200:09:22.2Male42 AUS AUS 36.7 km/h
481042Chris HODGKINSON00:41:55.1Open (18-34)1700:20:16.0Male43 AUS AUS 36.7 km/h
491082Jake WITTON00:41:57.5Open (18-34)1800:20:18.4Male44 AUS AUS 36.6 km/h
501100Ben FRASER00:42:41.7Masters (35+)1300:11:57.2Male45 AUS AUS 36.0 km/h
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